Forecast: Hotter Than Hell with a 100% Chance of Ass Kicking

Quick blog update since I’m tapping this one out on my phone.

Home from Miami after a hot & sweaty five days in the sun. The event went well & it was good to see some old friends and spend some QT with one of the best ones. Love you, T!

I got in two good workouts but ate like crap – race anxiety is a killer. Still feeling good overall & just seriously ready to get to Lubbock and do this.

Forecast is a high of 101 on Sunday. Sweet. I’d like to add there’s a 100% chance I’m going to kick this race’s ass. 🙂

Looks like I’ll get one last swim with Coach Lisa tomorrow to help calm the nerves & Mama Katz’s arrival this evening will help for sure.

I will add more about this later in the week, but I can’t say enough about what amazing support you all have given me and how much it’s helped along my journey. Team Katz rocks & there’s no way I’d be here without you!

PS – I promise no more anger blogging. Clearly, it just makes things worse. Big lesson learned.

Peace out.


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