Dear God, Is It Sunday Yet?

I feel like I’ve been in Lubbock for about a year now.  I know it’s only been since Wednesday, but my god I think time stops when you get to this town.

I’m going to say it’s a good thing that I’m *this* ready for race day.  I’m not nervous or worried, just excited and confident mixed with the perfect amount of self-doubt to keep me honest.

I’ve had a great time at the CAF camp, as mentioned yesterday, and I’ve certainly been fed enough information to keep me thinking for quite awhile, but at this point it’s all being filed away for recall at a later date.  I’m set with my routines, my seating positions, my nutrition plan, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of all the tips and tricks you think you can learn at the last minute that will make you faster.  But, bottom line is that if you didn’t put in the work, there isn’t anything tricky enough that can push you over the top come Sunday.

I feel confident in my preparation and in spite of how (one teeny little part of ) the race went last year, I’m beyond grateful I have that experience to bank on. Some of the top wheelchair athletes I’ve ever known are here racing this weekend and they went out to scout parts of the course today and came back a little nervous after seeing some of those hills.  I’m happy to know that when I get to the start line Sunday, I’m 100% confident in the fact that I can conquer any one of those climbs.  Know why?  Oh, cause I did last year – that’s why!

Now, the downhill is a tad bit of a different story.  But, after today, I’m feeling much better about that, too.  I went back out to the park and went down the crash hill, as well as the longer, windy hill you hit about halfway through the run.  I’m pleased to report I managed a solid 2-3 mph down both hills and felt decently strong (mentally) on both descents.

I’m well aware of the fact that I’m going to have to get comfortable going downhill faster than 3 mph, but for this weekend, I’m feeling like that’s pretty good progress.  And, really, on a normal hill I think I’d be okay going faster, but these are not normal hills.  Not normal at all.

Irregardless, I’m just ready to race.  Tomorrow’s big excitement is Mandy’s arrival!  I’m very lucky to have my dear friend and Team Katz supporter joining me and Mama Katz here in Lubbock for race day.  I’m heading to the lake in the morning to meet my race day handlers and go for a short open water swim.  Mom will head to the airport to get Mandy and the rest of the day is about rest, rest, rest and preparation.

I’ve got tires to pump, numbers to affix and transition items to arrange.  It’ll be a busy afternoon and then an early night as we prep for our 3:00 a.m. wake-up on Sunday.

Holy crap – hurry up Sunday!

Peace out.


One Response to “Dear God, Is It Sunday Yet?”

  1. autumnleaves78 Says:

    Race day will be here before you know it 🙂 So glad Mandy’s coming to hang with you and mom for the weekend – that’s awesome!!!! Sweet dreams, Katz…

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