No more words. Nothing left to say. I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be and beyond excited to finally get to the start line & race.

While I may be out there on the course by myself tomorrow, I am by far not alone. I take a wealth of energy and love from the most amazing people in the world – my family & friends – and you all will help push me to the finish.

My goals are to race strong, race smart and race hard. If all goes well, we’re looking to finish between 7-7.5 hours and start the journey to Kona.

But, qualifying for Kona will not be the sole measure of my success. Finishing & being able to say I gave my best & raced my hardest will be enough. If the other things follow because of the effort I gave during the race, great – icing on the cake.

Of course, a zero stitches tally and no ride in the ambulance will be pretty fab, too.

I don’t think there will be online athlete tracking but if you can find it, my race number is 1306.

Thanks never seems to be enough for all I get from you, but since it’s all I can offer – thank you for the unending love, support & encouragement.

Go Team Katz!

Peace out.


One Response to “Showtime”

  1. Devin Says:

    Best of luck!!!

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