All I Can Do Is I’Mua

I’Mua (Hawaiian): “to progress” or “to move forward”

Thank you Sarah Reinertsen for my new mantra.  (Side note: for a healthy dose of laughs, inspiration and motivation, pick-up Sarah’s book In a Single Bound today!)

I’ve never been good at letting go.  Of anything.  Or anyone. I don’t like to just learn from the past, I’ve been quite known to live there for ridiculous amounts of time – getting hung-up on unfixable mistakes; worrying about what’s been said or done that could have been said or done differently; or reveling in the good memories and not recognizing the glory of the present or promise of the future.

No more.  Now, we focus on i’mua.

Peace out.

PS – Yes, short & sweet, but more to come soon.  Back into training and simultaneously still recovering.  Feeling pretty good & hoping the holiday weekend helps me catch up on rest.  NYC Triathlon (my first Olympic distance!) is just 16 days away. Yippee!


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