Is This Heaven?

No.  It’s Iowa.

Alright kids, time to finally announce my next big adventure.  In just two short weeks, I’m off to Iowa to participate in the Register’s Great Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa.  Also known as RAGBRAI!  For those not familiar with RAGBRAI, it’s a legendary bike ride held every summer that goes across the state of Iowa.  There’s a lot of history to the ride and in cycling circles it’s one of the most historic and well known rides here in the U.S.

Please take special note of the word “ride.”  This is NOT a race.  It’s a ride.  This will still be a very challenging six days riding nearly 500 miles on some surprisingly hilly terrain in the heat of the summer, but the purpose is not to be the fastest one on the road – it’s just about being on the road at all!

Why RAGBRAI, you ask?  This one actually wasn’t my choice, but quite a gift that was presented to me at work.  Yes, I’m spending a week on my bike riding it across Iowa and getting paid to do so!  I’ll be out there riding with the Executive Director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and some other special guests, helping to promote the White House’s commitment to getting Americans to become more physically active.

Yeah, I know that for most people that doesn’t mean riding a bike 500 miles in six days across an entire state.  That level of craziness is for special peeps like me.  But, I’m out there to help show America that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your physical state may be – you can get out there and move!  I’ll be blogging & potentially vlogging (that’s a video blog for my less-than-hip follower folk) from the roads of Iowa all week and I’ll have more details on that in the next week or so.  Irregardless of any work or White House related blogs, I will be making personal (shall we say, more candid?) entries here throughout the week fo sho.

I’m so stoked to be able to participate in this ride and honored that I was even asked.  I’m sure it will be a once-in-a-lifetime sorta thingy and an adventure for the books.  I’ve been cycling for a little less than two years and now I’ll be able to say I’ve ridden across two different states!   Too cool.  Lucky girl indeed.

Now, before we get to Iowa on July 24, we first head East to the greatest city on earth for the NYC Triathlon.  I’m off to New York on Thursday and we race on Sunday.  This is my first Olympic distance race so I really don’t know what to expect.  I, of course, have some ideas on what kind of splits and overall time I should be able to post based on my training, but I’m not publicly announcing any kind of time goal and I don’t “officially” have a time goal for the race.

The biggest lesson I learned a few short weeks ago in Lubbock is that I have a lot to learn.  So, the goals for Sunday are to race hard, cross the finish line, have fun and cross the finish line.  Oh, not to mention, crossing the finish line.  Along the way I’m bound to learn a ton of great stuff I can take to Chicago in August and keep improving as a triathlete.

Overall, I’m feeling okay.  Been dealing with a few physical things that should hopefully be cleared up soon, and honestly think some upcoming less-than-pleasant anniversary dates are weighing more heavily on my mind than I care to admit.  If this was the “old” Katz, she’d devote some significant time on this blog to what was going on in her life about one year ago and all that looking back shennanigans.  Instead, I’m going to “i’mua” like a madwoman and peace out.

Much love.


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