Big Apple. Big Fun.

I belong in New York City.  I just do.  Someday it’ll happen.  It has to – I belong there.

But, until “someday” gets here (Dear Someday, Hurry the hell up please. Love, Katz), I settled for a long weekend of Big Apple fun with family and friends. Oh yeah, and a little triathlon, too!

I started to write a long and detailed race report, but I’m just not feeling the flow tonight.  Sorry.  Short & sweet version is that I have a lot of work to do on my swim, I rocked the bike and had a major equipment issue on the run that slowed me way down.  I felt strong the whole race, had a blast, still finished under my time goal (knocked out a not so terrible 3:44) and accomplished my two main goals – finishing & finishing without having to ride in an ambulance to the ER.

I love triathlon – it’s the most mentally and physically challenging sport I’ve ever done.  I’m super psyched to have a full, solid race under my belt and look forward to doing better and going faster in Chicago next month.  Hello, much needed confidence!

More important than the race was that I also got to spend the weekend with my whole family (I even forced them to wear some super kick ass “Team Katz” t-shirts I had made up for the event), some extended family and really close friends who all supported and loved me along the way.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Much, much love to y’all.

Gah.  So much to say, but no words today.

Peace out.


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